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3 Must-Have Unite Products to get you through back to school

After the 4th of July, the remainder of the summer seems to disappear in the blink of an eye. Here in Northern Colorado, a rainy start to the summertime season made it seem a lot shorter than normal, with far fewer sunny days than we are used to. With mid-August creeping upon us and the imminent release of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte (does it come earlier every year?) inevitable is becoming clear. School is starting back up again and we are heading into the chillier, latter part of the year.

Most people are totally fall-obsessed and who wouldn’t be? With fall comes football, yummy seasonal coffee drinks, scarves and layers, and the holidays. Though it is a season most of us look forward to, days filled with work and school and nights getting longer by the day can make your beauty routine fall by the wayside. This doesn’t have to be the case! Read on to learn about 3 of our favorite UNITE products to keep your hair lively and manageable even when the seasons change.

7 Seconds Refresher:

If you are a UNITE addict like we are, you are familiar with the hair magic that is the 7 Seconds Detangler/Leave-in conditioner. This awesome product is a part of the same product family so you’ll get the trademark moisture, heat protection, and awesome smell. Your stylist probably tells you that you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day, and who has time for that anyways? Skip the traditional wash and opt for this lightweight dry shampoo instead to extend your style. The Refresher will absorb excess oil on your scalp so that you can go another day without washing.

Expanda Dust:

This product is one of the most underrated UNITE secret weapons, and we want to spread the word about it! This featherweight volume/texture powder is like nothing you’ve ever used before. The powder is so light, it feels like the bottle is empty (don’t worry-it isn’t!) but the volume it provides is unmatched. Just vertically squeeze a couple of puff onto any area you need some extra texture or volume on dry hair and zhuzh. If you tease or backcomb, a couple of puffs beforehand will give you unimaginable volume and hold. Our favorite use? Braids. Throw your favorite braid in and puff a couple times down the entire body of it. Expanda Dust will give your hair the grip it needs to fan the braid out and make it puffier and fuller!

Weekender Shampoo:

Have you been swimming a lot this summer or overdosing on styling products? If so, your hair might feel waxy or caked with invisible buildup.  UNITE’s Weekender shampoo is a revolutionary clarifying shampoo that will get rid of any buildup without damaging your color! Use this shampoo as needed (once a week or every other week depending on your lifestyle!) to keep your hair manageable and refreshed. It can also help you banish that dreaded green twinge that comes from chlorinated pools or some hard water. If your hair is feeling dry or over-processed, it can also be used as a protein treatment! Instead of washing out immediately after your lather, let Weekender sit on your strands for 5-6 minutes to strengthen and protect your hair.

These 3 UNITE products are on our essential list when life gets extra busy and chaotic. With the seasons rapidly changing and days quickly becoming shorter, taking time to think about your hair can be a chore. These products were chosen with your schedule in mind! Get a fresh start, create a new style and extend it with these awesome products you can find at bel ami! Check all our products.